St Mary's C.E. Primary School, Adscombe Street, Manchester, M16 7AQ
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St. Mary’s is a rights respecting school. St. Mary’s believes that the highest levels of attendance enable children to achieve and excel. It is every child’s right: To become the best that they can be and to go to school and learn. Excellent attendance is fundamental to these rights. For a child to reach their full educational achievement, a high level of school attendance is essential.


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Breakfast Club & Booster Club

Article 29: Be the best you can be 

Breakfast Club starts at 8.00 am and costs £1 per week per child.

Come and join us for breakfast and a great start to the day.

 Great to see children at boosters bright and early.

Come and brush up on your English and Maths.


Why come to our Breakfast Club and Booster Club...

See what we had to say .....


"I come to booster club to help me to get ready for SAT's. I enjoy boosters because it helps me to read properly and answer questions properly. I also come to breakfast club and I like breakfast club because I get to have breakfast with my friends."



"I come to breakfast club because my mum doesn't want me to be late for school."



"I come to breakfast club because I get to see my friends and I get to eat delicious food and it's fun. The best thing about breakfast club is the bagels and playing outside after I have had my breakfast."



" I come to breakfast club because I don't have time to have breakfast at home. I have cereal, a bagel and juice. The best part of breakfast club is when it's wet outside and we stay in to watch a movie."


"I come to booster club because I struggle with my work sometimes , and booster club helps me to work better. I like booster club because it helps me to learn more and I get to colour once I have finished my work."



"I come to breakfast club because my mum goes to work really early and it is really good because I am early for school. I love the bagels."



"I come to breakfast club because my mum can't make breakfast and it is very nice. I like that the food is healthy and I get to talk to my friends."



"I come to breakfast club because my mum works here at school and doesn't have time in the morning to make me and my brothers and sisters our breakfast. The best part of breakfast club is the bagels."